Sometimes, the winning hand is the one you are dealt, and the Giulia Ti has all it needs to change the game. This new breed of sports sedan is pure allure. Harmonious elements complement the distinctively elegant lines. Perfectly balanced weight distribution and rear-wheel drive deliver the power and control of a seasoned purebred. In a world where average is the norm, this is a champion. Built to turn heads and change the perception of what driving pleasure is all about.

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For over a century, Alfa Romeo’s cutting-edge technology and Italian craftsmanship have won as many hearts as they have races. Synonymous with power, performance and momentous victories, the Italian brand is also known for its stylish design and unrivaled engineering. In a tribute to its glorious past, Alfa Romeo has pulled out all the stops with a breathtaking sports sedan that exudes pure emotion.

Unleash the daring attitude of the Giulia Ti while savoring every single curve in complete safety. With a rich set of features designed to turn each journey into an adventure, the Sport Package delivers enhanced aesthetics and performance and transforms every driver into a pilot.

Take pleasure in the details as well as the driving. The all-new Giulia Ti combines form, function and aesthetics to enhance the vehicle experience and stir the senses. With exquisite materials, dash-stitched full-grain Italian leather and genuine wood trims, the interior reflects the true spirit of Italian excellence. Everything is harmoniously selected with the driver in mind, including the comfort and safety of the passengers.


Driven by a passion for excellence, Alfa Romeo’s long history of technological firsts have helped redefine modern engineering. This same competence is seen in the cutting-edge technology and advanced engineering that combine to deliver a perfect blend of power and control. Alfa Romeo’s approach to automotive design is rooted in emotion, its credibility is founded upon performance.

When the road begs for more, the Giulia Ti responds with unwavering determination. Its innovative Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR) technology helps optimize vehicle traction by restraining the spin of the driving axle if the adherence limit is reached when turning.

To ensure the torque to drive away when the situation calls for it, the Traction Control System restricts the wheel spin of a single drive wheel. Both are standard and designed to increase handling and safety even during the most aggressive of maneuvers.

For anyone who demands control, the all-aluminum Alfa Link™ suspension has them covered. After all, better grip allows a better command of the road, even at higher speeds.

In front, its double wishbone system helps keep wheels perfectly perpendicular to the road when tackling the tightest of corners. When speeds increase, drivers can count on rapid and accurate steering feel thanks to the exclusive Alfa Romeo semi-virtual steering axis featuring a direct steering ratio of 11.8:1.

At the rear, the Giulia Ti is equipped with the patented Alfa Link™ rear suspension design with vertical rods. A true perfectionist, it ensures lateral grip, comfort and driving satisfaction no matter how uneven the road surface.






Alfa Romeo’s commitment to vehicle safety extends to the Giulia Ti's advanced safety and security features designed to help keep the driver and passengers out of harm’s way.

Standard Backup Camera with Rear and Front Park Sensors

Thanks to the standard rear-mounted back-up camera and parking sensors – complete with dynamic grid lines – drivers can count on enhanced visibility when parking or backing up. The Giulia Ti also includes front park sensors for greater command of the situation in the tightest of spots.

Integrated Brake System

Every Giulia Ti is fitted with an innovative electromechanical braking system that reduces braking distances and optimizes brake pedal pressure to increase the feeling of vehicle control.

Forward Collision Warning Plus (AEB)

Available Forward Collision Warning Plus detects if your vehicle is approaching another vehicle too rapidly. It assists you by providing both audible and visual warnings as well as applying the brakes if needed.