An SUV that gets pulses racing - Alfa Romeo’s history is built upon glorious victories and drivers without fear. The courage to triumph, which is deeply rooted in the company’s DNA, is exemplified in the first SUV to wear the Alfa Romeo badge. The all-new Stelvio Ti has been forged by the legend of a Brand that makes the passion for performance part of its very identity. A masterpiece of technology, engineering and Italian craftsmanship, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti is inspired by one of the most exciting and challenging roads in the world, the Stelvio Pass. It’s a completely new breed of SUV that remains true to its heritage; honoring a celebrated past and transforming every trip into pure emotion.

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The harmony of movement is a delicate balance of elements, and the Stelvio Ti has mastered the rules of the game. More than strength and lightness, efficiency is the key to becoming great.

A result of comprehensive research, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti knows how to use every ounce of its dynamic architecture. Leveraging advanced engineering and resilient materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum, Stelvio delivers ideal weight distribution across both the front and rear axles. With a carefully studied structure and engine design, the Stelvio Ti wins hands-down.

Efficiency first

When it comes to a survival of the fittest, Alfa Romeo’s Stelvio Ti leaves little to be desired. Advanced efficiency, safety and reliability; all within a vehicle so evolved the future is transformed into the present.

In front, its double wishbone system helps keep its wheels perfectly perpendicular to the road when tackling the tightest of corners. When speeds increase, drivers can count on rapid and accurate steering feel that starts with an all-aluminum suspension and semi-virtual steering axis. Together with an 11.8:1 steering ratio, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti provides an unparalleled connection to the road and an exhilarating driving experience.

The patented Alfa Link™ rear suspension designed with vertical rods is an expert multi-tasker: it enhances performance, driving pleasure and passenger comfort all at the same time.


True to its heritage, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti is undeniably Italian. Characterized by a first-class elegance that is simple but not excessive; it’s a fiery character that excites and charms at the same time. The Stelvio Ti represents the highest expression of style in a perfect blend of Italian craftsmanship and sportiness. Add the refinement of the Lusso Package, and every detail of the interior design becomes an intrinsic reflection of Alfa Romeo excellence.

Distinctive personality

At the core of every Stelvio Ti is a careful blend of determination, resiliency and refinement. For those who deserve the ultimate indulgence, the Lusso Package comes with a rich set of features that elevate the senses and transform this Italian-born SUV into an aesthetic masterpiece.

Impressive appearance

Alfa Romeo’s racing history runs deep, which is why the all-new Stelvio Ti can be enhanced with race-inspired performance elements. Sharp and stylish, the Sport Package lets Stelvio Ti drivers make the most of their SUV experience.





When it comes to latest generation security features, the all-new Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti likes to play it safe.

Integrated Brake System

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti features an innovative electro-mechanical braking system that optimizes braking distances and manages brake pedal pressure to stop you in your tracks, while delivering better overall performance and control.

Standard Back-up Camera with Front and Rear Park Sensors

A front park sensor and rear-mounted back-up camera and parking sensor – complete with dynamic grid lines – are standard on the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti, helping drivers stay the course during delicate maneuvers.

Available Forward Collision Warning Plus

Available extras provide increased security. Through visual and audio alarms, Forward Collision Warning Plus alerts the driver of approaching dangers and can slow or stop the vehicle when a collision appears imminent. Adaptive Cruise Control and Blind Spot Detection are also available with select packages.